See How Your Baby Develops During Your Pregnancy

Video Series: See How Your Baby Develops During Your Pregnancy

What is going on in that growing tummy of yours? These short videos show how your baby is developing during your pregnancy

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These videos are from the Baby Centre in the UK and are vetted by a board of medical professionals. We love their easy-to-understand short animations. Check them out.

Your baby’s development: Weeks 1 – 9

Viewing time: 2m 33s

What you will learn:

  • The egg makes its way to the uterus and is the size of a pen tip
  • By week 5 the embryo is the size of a sesame seed
  • Primitive organs are being formed at this stage
  • The heart is starting to beat.
  • The baby starts looking less like a tadpole and more like a little human

Your baby’s development: Weeks 10-14

Viewing time: 2m 08s

What you will learn:

  • Facial features are now defined and organs are growing and maturing
  • Fingerprints are forming and the tiny baby can kick
  • Organs are functioning now, including the brain
  • Your umbilical cord is working hard now
  • Baby can squint and frown by week 14

Your baby’s development: Weeks 15-20

Viewing time: 2m 16s

What you will learn:

  • During this time the baby will more than double in size
  • Her nervous system is rapidly maturing and the skeleton is hardening into bone
  • Her brain is designating areas to the different sense – baby may be able to hear you!
  • By 18 week you may feel her start to move

Your baby’s development: Weeks 21-27

Viewing time: 2m 06s

What you will learn:

  • Baby can swallow by this point
  • Lungs are continuing to form and baby is practising breathing
  • She could survive with significant medical help at 24 weeks
  • Lips have formed, and so have taste buds

Your baby’s development: Weeks 28-37

Viewing time: 2m 12s

What you will learn:

  • This is the last trimester
  • Baby is developing a layer of fat to keep her warm
  • Billions of neurons have developed in the brain
  • She can open her eyes and even see light in the womb
  • Her skin is pink and soft by week 37 and she is now considered full term

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