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Video: How to Deal with a Biting Toddler

Many toddlers can go through a stage of biting. Check out this video giving advice on how to curb this common but frustrating behaviour

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Be consistent with consequences if your toddler is biting

Viewing time: 43 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Tara explains her two-year-old would bite
  • He wouldn’t respond to being ‘told’ not to
  • When she started consistently enforcing consequences, the biting stopped!

Tons of tips for mums of under 5's

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SKIP is a nationwide network of individuals, community groups, government agencies, workplaces and national NGOs.

Their aim is for all children in New Zealand to be raised in a positive way by parents and caregivers who feel confident about managing children’s behaviour as part of a loving, nurturing relationship.

Mum+ loves their fun and informative website, packed with heaps of resources.  Check it out here.

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