What Happens To My Body During Pregnancy

Video: Pregnancy Brings Some Unexpected Changes to Your Body

Young new mothers discuss some surprising chnges to their body when they became pregnant. A must-watch if you’re pregnant too

 Pregnancy – Article by mum+

We have included this video from the NHS in the UK. We like the frank discussion from young mothers like you. They talk about the unexpected changes they noticed in their body while they were pregnant.

Pregnancy Can Bring Some Unexpected Changes to Your Body

Viewing time: 1m 32s

What you will learn:

  • Vaginal discharge occurs in many women  – but it is rarely talked about!
  • Your nipples may leak at night
  • Constipation is common too- drink plenty of water to help this
  • You may feel nauseous for extended periods

Want more information on your pregnancy?

NZ's Ministry of Health provides further guidance for Kiwi mums

The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders. Check out the Pregnancy section of the Ministry of Health’s site.

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