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Video: Get the Care You and Your Baby Need During Your Pregnancy

This short video from Northland DHB explains the role of your GP and midwife during your pregnancy to ensure you are getting the care you need

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This video was produced by Northland DHB

Get the care you and your baby need during your pregnancy

3m 32s

What you will learn in this video:

  • It’s important to enrol with a GP and a midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant
  • Make sure they have your latest address
  • Jenny, a community midwife explains some aspects of care that you can expect during your pregnancy
  • Your immunity to certain viruses will be tested so that your baby can be appropriately immunised
  • When pregnant, you’ll be seen once a month up to 28 weeks gestation, then fortnightly until 36 weeks, then weekly until your baby is born
  • Your GP/midwife will listen in to your and baby’s heartbeat baby and take measurements to ensure development is on track
  • Your blood pressure will be checked regularly, and they will be watching out for any signs of hypertension or preeclampsia
  • You can find a midwife through referral, ask friends for a recommendation or use the site
  • When your baby is born, remember, to immunise her on time for best protection – six weeks, 3 months and five months.

Want to know more about labour and birth? Of course you do!

NZ's Ministry of Health provides further guidance for Kiwi mums

The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders. Check out the Labour and Birth section of the Ministry of Health’s site.

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