Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Video Series: Dealing with Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are normal, common and…frustrating. These short videos from Kiwi parents share tips on how to deal with this behaviour

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Tantrums while shopping with your toddlers

Viewing time: 1m 08s

What you will learn:

  • Tamati tells us about his 3-year-old girls having a tantrum while shopping
  • He advises planning ahead and telling your children what might be happening
  • Are you going somewhere new? Who will they meet? How long will you stay? Keep your kids informed to reduce surprises

Accept that toddler tantrums are normal behaviour

Viewing time: 52 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Paul describes his young boy having a tantrum in the mall
  • He reminds us that, whilst it is hard, not getting frustrated is so important
  • Our kids are just little and this is normal behaviour at this stage
  • Paul advises to think about strategy – what could you do differently next time?

Talk about tantrums with your older kids

Viewing time: 44 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Dorothy’s 5-year-old decided nothing is her fault – it’s everyone else’s
  • Dorothy recommends talking to your children, properly – what has happened, what caused it?
  • Encourage your older kids to talk about their feelings

How to deal with other people’s judgement

Viewing time: 42  seconds

What you will learn:

  • Your kids will inevitably have tantrums in public
  • Tara tells us that she felt really affected by other peoples judgement at first
  • She would let bad behaviour ‘slide’ so as not to appear like a mean parent
  • Tara reminds us: tantrums are normal at this stage!
  • Look for other mums nodding in empathy while you are out – this is a community

Tons of tips for mums of under 5's

Check out the videos, resources, advice and useful information for parenting toddlers

SKIP is a nationwide network of individuals, community groups, government agencies, workplaces and national NGOs.

Their aim is for all children in New Zealand to be raised in a positive way by parents and caregivers who feel confident about managing children’s behaviour as part of a loving, nurturing relationship.

Mum+ loves their fun and informative website, packed with heaps of resources.  Check it out here.

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