Choose Early Childhood Education Centre

How to Choose an Early Childhood Education Centre

The right start in education is crucial for your child. Read on for advice from the experts on how to choose an early childhood education centre

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 Toddler –  Expert Article by Nicole Bolton

Choosing an early childhood education centre for your precious bundle can be a stressful and worrying time, but it can be easier by remembering a few key things.

Go to visit an early childhood education centre

You can learn a lot from checking over a centre’s website, however nothing compares to a face-to-face visit. The insight into how you are welcomed, as well as the interaction between staff and children, will give you a strong sense of whether your child will feel at home there.

Maria believes that early childhood education should allow children to thrive in a nurturing environment. This fosters a positive sense of belonging, which in turn allows them the chance to learn and cultivate strong relationships.

Choose Early Childhood Education Centre

When it comes to the centre visit, trust your instincts

Your initial impressions will guide you a great deal. It might be what you can read between the lines that influence you the most. Are you welcomed by all the staff you come into contact with? Do you feel that they have a sense of passion, motivation and enthusiasm for the children around them?

Take note that all of the children are happily engaged in interesting tasks or playing and that there are quiet time areas and engaging outside play spaces.

Choose Early Childhood Education Centre

How will the educators communicate with you?

Both nurture and education should go hand-in-hand, helping your child to be ready to attend school. Therefore, your centre should have various ways of keeping you in touch with your child’s activities.

Modern technology, such as the e-portfolio system, is a great opportunity for keeping busy parents up to date with their child’s learning.

Maria suggests being on the lookout for whether your child would have individual learning goals (age dependent) or group-wide discovery opportunities that enhance your child’s interaction
with the world around them.

Take the time to check important details

With the safety of our precious children at the forefront, all staff must be registered and have first-aid certificates. Take the time to make sure you choose a centre with the level of passion, pride and enthusiasm that your little one deserves.
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