Getting To Know Baby

Video: Getting to Know Your Baby in the Early Days

Getting to know your baby is crucial for both parents. Couples share their bonding stories in this video, discussing the challenges that household tasks, life, and work can present when you’re trying to form that special bond


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Getting to Know Your Baby in the Early Days

This video was produced by S.K.I.P. who have an amazing website, packed with resources, and an app, for parents of under 5’s. Make sure you check them out.


Viewing time: 5m 47s

What you’ll learn: 

  • Mums often struggle to describe the feeling they have when they first meet their baby. An underestimated, overwhelming sense of love is common
  • Some dads can feel out, but an effort to get them to be involved as possible with regular contact helps them to get to know baby as well
  • Bath time is a good time to get to know your baby and for both parents to bond
  • Baby can get into a slight routine in the first few weeks so working around this schedule can allow both parents to get some time to bond

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