Hot To Set Up Healthy Food Habits For Life

Video Series: How To Set Up Healthy Food Habits For Life

Forming healthy habits around food, family and nutrition will benefit your baby throughout their life. Watch these short videos to learn how

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How To Set Up Healthy Food Habits For Life

You want the best for your baby and these videos will help establish awesome healthy habits while your baby is still young. A balanced attitude to food and mealtimes will benefit your baby for their whole life.

These videos are from the Kids Health NZ Youtube channel. Pay them a visit for more informative videos or check out their website. 

Be a good role model

Viewing time: 46 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Your baby learns about food from watching you – be a good role model
  • You can set a good example by eating a variety of healthy foods
  • Think about the kind of foods you’d like your baby to eat now and in the future and eat those!

Eat together as a family

Viewing time: 1m 40s

What you will learn:

  • It takes a little work to bring everyone together for meals but it’s worth it
  • If your baby is in a high chair, bring it up to the table
  • Your baby can start learning about food and eating by watching what you do at mealtimes. Create a positive mealtime environment and try not to worry about spilt food and drinks

Follow a regular meal and snack schedule

Viewing time: 1m 13s

What you will learn:

  • Plan for 3 meals and 1 or 2 snacks each day, once your baby’s eating a variety of foods and textures
  • Babies have small stomachs so need frequent opportunities to eat small amounts
  • Schedules are helpful, but it’s also important to take your lead from your baby
  • Your baby is more likely to eat healthy meals and try new foods if snacks are not offered too close to mealtime

Help your baby enjoy food

Viewing time: 59 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Help your baby learn about food by letting them play with it
  • Encourage their independence — give your baby their own spoon to hold when they can
  • If they want to put their hand into the food and then up to their mouth — don’t worry – this is all part of the learning process but be prepared for mess!
  • Babies like to pick up food from their parents’ plates — let them!

Let your baby decide how much to eat

Viewing time: 38 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Offer your baby new foods
  • Let them choose how much to eat – you decide what food is offered, your baby decides how much to eat
  • Meals and healthy snacks give your baby several chances every day to eat a variety of foods
  • If your baby eats little or nothing at one meal, it’s OK – they’ll make up for it with other meals and snacks
  • Keep it relaxed, patience works better than pressure

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