Video: IVF – What To Know and How It Works

IVF has helped millions of parents across the world realise their dream of having a baby. This informative video explains how IVF works and what you need to know

Conception – Article by mum+

How IVF works and what to know about it

Viewing time: 6m 42s

What you’ll learn: 

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is common place now and the demand is growing
  • In the natural way of making a baby, the first step occurs in the brain
  • Follicles, containing eggs, of the ovary are stimulated by a hormone and one becomes mature
  • As the egg grows and when the oestrogen level is high enough, ovulation occurs and the egg releases
  • IVF mimics this reproduction process by helping the body produce the eggs needed to create a baby and by fertilising them in the lab
  • Better testing, decreasing costs and technological advances are making IVF more accessible
  • It’s possible that IVF could overtake natural reproduction…but where’s the fun in that!

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