Listeria - Facts vs Fiction

Video: Listeria – Fact Vs Fiction

Yes, listeria can be dangerous for pregnant women but how worried should you be? This video discusses some key points and separates facts from fiction

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Listeria – Facts Vs Fiction

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Listeria is a bacteria that can develop in some foods under certain conditions, and is pretty nasty for pregnant womn. Listeriosis, the infection which can be caught from the listeria bacteria, can cause miscarriage, premature labour or stillbirth, and can cause infection in their baby.

This video sorts the facts from the fiction when it comes to listeria.

What you’ll learn in this video: 

  • The threat of listeria can result in women consuming a lot of processed foods, to try and avoid the bacteriamum
  • Although it is good to be aware of listeria, it’s not very common and preparing food properly and hygienically will minimise the risk
  • The risk from listeria is small compared to the risk of unhealthy weight gain (from choosing to eat processed foods) and avoiding fruit and vegetables for both mum and baby
  • Eating fresh fruit and vegetables everyday will have a positive affect for you and baby


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