The most important word Responsiveness

The Most Important Word When It Comes to Caring for Your Baby

Nathan Wallis, neuroscience and parenting educator, shares the most important word you need to know when it comes to caring for your baby

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 Baby –  Expert Article by  Nathan Wallis

The Most Important Word When It Comes to Caring for Your Baby

So what is the single most important word you need to understand to enhance human development, to get all of your baby’s brain online?

The one word I would choose is responsiveness.

Responsiveness just means that you are responding to your baby.  It means that your baby is initiating and you’re responding.  So often we as parents want to initiate.  Of course initiating contact is better than ignoring the baby!  But what I’m saying is that when you let the baby lead and you follow their cue, that does far more to stimulate their brain development than if you simply just give them a cue.

The most important word Responsiveness

In plain language, that means when I’m holding a baby in my arms and they go “uh uh uh”, and I say “I’m dad dad dad” because I want the baby to say dad – that’s not being responsive.   Responsive is where the baby says “uh uh uh” and I say “uh uh uh” back to them. Basically the baby is like “Oh he’s copying me, he’s mimicking me”.

That’s exactly how the baby is going to develop most of their language – by copying you, so if he sees you mimicking him, he starts mimicking earlier and develops language faster.

The most important word Responsiveness

So the key word is responsiveness. Follow your baby’s cues. They know what’s good for them so respond to their lead. They’re really the geniuses and the expert when it comes to play and human development. They’ve got a built-in program.

If we learn to respond to our baby and listen to our baby, you’ll see what you need to do as a parent because your baby will show you.

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The most important word Responsiveness

Expert Profile: Nathan Wallis

Educator, Neuroscience Researcher, Dynamic Speaker

nathan mikaere wallis

Nathan Wallis is a Neuroscience Educator, researcher, child trauma counsellor, parenting expert and prolific speaker.  It’s Nathan’s ability to break down the complexities of neuroscience with plain language, humour and actionable tips that sees him sell-out around 200 seminars in New Zealand, Australia and China each year.

He has also developed an app which summarises the mountains of neuroscience discoveries on infant brains into 4-minute video clips.  The app also provides practical advice on topics such as teething, sleeps and tantrums – all in Nathan’s signature plain-speaking and enthusiastic style.

Follow Nathan on Facebook , check to see when he is next presenting in your area, or search for his app, ‘Parenting Baby’s Brain’, in your Android or Apple App Store.

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