Expectations Vs Reality

Video: The Expectation vs Reality of Becoming a Parent

Having a baby can be a shock to the system! Watch these Kiwi parents compare their expectations with reality, sharing both hard times & joys

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The Expectation vs Reality of Becoming a Parent

This video was produced by S.K.I.P. who have an amazing website, packed with resources, and an app, for parents of under 5’s. Make sure you check them out.


Viewing time: 5m 32s

What you will learn: 

  • There was no illusions that parenthood was going to be easy, but it was harder than imagined
  • It was difficult to be ‘on-call’ all the time, without a break. It’s all about what the baby wants, when they want it
  • Expectations were changed within the first 12 hours which was a shock and a reality check
  • There was a financial worry with the second child, but it was all worth it
  • Before pregnancy parents feel independant, then parenthood brings responsibility for someone else for the rest of life  – this can be overwhelming
  • 3 months on and life would not be the same without baby and life is way better now, more fulfilling and rewarding

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