Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Video: Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy

Eating quality nutrients during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. This short video shares insights on nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy – Article by mum+

Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy

Viewing time: 2m 27s

What you’ll learn: 

  • Concerns about listeria can lead pregnant women to eat a lot of processed food, which has negative affects for mum and baby.
  • Properly preparing food can avoid the possible contraction of Listeria
  • Having a diet high in nutrients helps mum’s body during pregnancy and gives baby quality nutrition
  • Eating lean proteins and, in particular fish, helps with iron –  many women are deficient in iron during pregnancy
  • Consuming high fibre wholegrains helps with the gut microbiome and avoid constipation
  • Including dairy foods in mum’s diet can help alleviate future cows milk allergies in baby
  • Water is essential so drink up!


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