Pregnancy and Infancy Myths And Misconceptions

Video: Pregnancy & Infancy Myths

The misconceptions around pregnancy and raising a child can make it difficult to know what’s right. This short video will set some straight for you

Pregnancy – Article by mum+

Pregnancy & Infancy Mythsconceptions

Viewing time: 1m 53s


What you’ll learn: 

  • Your pre-pregnancy health and weight has a major affect on you and your baby’s, health during and after pregnancy
  • Being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re ‘eating for two’. Healthy weight gain and sensible nutrition help both mum-to-be and baby
  • Breast feeding is and always has been very important and there are many health benefits for your baby from breast feeding
  • Solids should be introduced at around 6 months and your baby will show you some signs they are ready
  • Allergens should be introduced early, in the first 12 months (not before 4 months), to help protect your baby


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