Common Pregnancy Symptoms Solutions

Video Series: Common Pregnancy Symptoms & Solutions

These short animations explain dizziness, needing the bathroom and feeling bloated during your pregnancy

 Pregnancy – Article by mum+

These videos are from the Baby Centre in the UK and are vetted by a board of medical professionals. We love their easy-to-understand short animations. Check them out.

Pregnancy symptom: feeling windy and bloated

Viewing time: 1m 41s

What you will learn:

  • Hormones produced in pregnancy makes your muscles relax, including those needed for digestion – this causes wind
  • Some foods which commonly make wind worse are beans, wholegrain and vegetables
  • Chewing your food thoroughly and avoiding drinking with a straw can help
  • Taking a brisk walk helps too
  • See your LMC if your wind develops into painful cramping, nausea or vomiting

Pregnancy symptom: needing to go to the toilet a lot

Viewing time: 1m 28s

What you will learn:

  • Frequent urination in pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes
  • More blood is sent to the kidneys, and pressure on your bladder from the baby makes you want to go more, too
  • Avoiding tea and coffee can help
  • Leaning forward when you wee can help fully empty your bladder
  • You still need to stay hydrated! Drink plenty in the day and maybe ease up before bed

Pregnancy symptom: feeling dizzy

Viewing time: 2m 08s

What you will learn:

  • Dizziness is common in pregnancy because of (guess!) hormones.
  • Your blood pressure is lower as a result.
  • You can help prevent dizziness by getting up slowly and lying on your side in bed rather than flat on your back
  • Stay hydrated and eat smaller meals more frequently and be sure you are getting enough iron
  • Lie down when you start to feel dizzy, or sit down and put your head between your legs.

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