Tips To Prevent Choking

Video: Tips To Prevent Your Baby Choking

You can minimise your baby’s risk of choking by changing the shape or texture of food. This one-minute video shares some great tips that could save a life/span>

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You can help prevent your baby from choking

Viewing time: 1 minute 

What you will learn in this video:

  • Babies and children can choke at any age but those under 5 are most at risk, and are particularly vulnerable under 3.
  • Try grating apple or carrot instead of serving in chunks
  • Take pips and stones out of foods
  • Mash, chop or combine foods
  • Take stringy bits out of vegetables (e.g. silverbeet)
  • Avoid whole nuts, popcorn and large seeds (such as pumpkin seeds)
  • Be prepared and learn what to do if your baby starts choking

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