Safe Sleep Tips For Your Newborn

Video: Safe Sleep Tips For Your Newborn

Featuring advice from a Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse, this video will give you awesome advice for making sure your baby is sleeping safely

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Make sure your baby is sleeping safely

Viewing time: 4m 31s

What you will learn:

  • Carmen, a Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse explains the safest place for all babies to sleep at night is in their own bed, bassinet, pēpi-pod® or wahakura, close to parents/caregivers and in the same room.
  • For safety, have only the blanket in the baby cot
  • Lie baby on their back feet first
  • Ensure your home is a smoke-free environment
  • Place your baby back in their own bed after a night feed (try and breastfeed for as long as possible if you are able – it is so much healthier for your baby)
  • A common mistake parents make is overheating their baby by dressing them in too many clothes. This can make your baby sweat and be uncomfortable.
  • There is lots of information in your Well Child booklet – if you haven’t got one, you can order or download a copy here.

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