Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Video: What Are Some Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Do you think you might be pregnant? This short video gives information on the signs which may reveal that you’re having a baby!

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Video: What Are Some Early Signs of Pregnancy?

This video is from the NHS in the UK. We have included it as we like the simple advice on the early signs of pregnancy.

Viewing time: 1m 39s

What you will learn:

  • You will likely miss a period
  • Your breasts may be more sensitive than normal
  • You may experience morning sickness
  • Some women get a metallic taste in their mouths
  • You may need to go to the loo a lot
  • You could have an increase in vaginal secretions
  • You may be constipated – Eat lots of fibre and drink water to help this
  • See your GP if you are experiencing cramps
  • Tune into your body – if you are tired, then rest

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The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders. Check out the healthy eating section of the Ministry of Health’s site for lots of advice and tips from experts.

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