The 5 things yuo need to start solids

The 5 Things You Need to Start Solids With Your Baby

Get ready to start solids with the experts from Future Foody. They’ll share the 5 things you need to start solids with your baby

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The 5 Things You Need to Start Solids With Your Baby

Introducing solid food is an exciting time! It’s not only amazing to see your baby grasp a new skill, but it’s a new way to bond with your baby as well as expand their nutrition.

While our precious babies are small, and in theory, they alone don’t take up much room, all parents will agree that suddenly our houses get taken over by mountains of baby paraphernalia. It is often overwhelming trying to navigate your way through the shops when there is so much “stuff” available. We are all about things that make our lives that little bit easier (especially when you are a sleep-deprived new parent!) so here is our list of the things that we think you will find helpful when it comes to starting solids.

The 5 things yuo need to start solids


Just so you can be prepared, starting solids is very messy. Food will end up everywhere exactly where you don’t want it to (including those cute little clothes!) and a laundry soaker will soon be your best friend. However, bibs can certainly minimise the damage and you simply can’t have enough of these! Traditional cloth bibs are common but often hard to clean (and no parent wants more laundry!). There are also silicone bibs with a pocket to catch stray bits and that can be rinsed clean. Sleeve bibs are also very handy.

Baby Spoons

A softer spoon such as bamboo or silicone is great to start with as they are gentle on little mouths and helps them get used to the feel of a utensil in their mouth. A longer handle may make it a little easier to aim at the start. You may find your baby wants to help so an extra spoon for them can come in handy.

5 things you need to start solids


Again a silicone or bamboo bowl is great because at some point it will be thrown overboard. One that suctions to the high chair is handy once they get a little older!


A highchair or an infant seat if your baby needs some extra support to sit up. The main function of a highchair is to keep your baby safe but also comfortable while eating. There are so many on the market but remember one that is easy to clean is a must, as you will eventually be doing this multiple times a day!

The 5 things yuo need to start solids

Sippy Cup

Always offer water each time your baby eats solids as the process of starting solids will change the balance of fluids within their body. Try a variety of different cups as every baby has their own favourites and it is also a good idea to have one handy…one in your handbag, one in the kitchen, one in the lounge – you get the idea! Remember that keeping an eye on your baby’s wet nappies is the best indication of their hydration.

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The 5 things yuo need to start solids

Expert Profile: Future Foody

Providing fresh organic baby meals and expert nutrition advice

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