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Video: Talking with Your Toddler Helps Them Develop

Talking and communicating with your toddler can help them develop their language and communication skills. In this video, parents explain how everyday objects and tasks provide opportunities for learning and play

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Talking with Your Toddler Helps Them Develop

Viewing time: 6m 12s


What you’ll learn: 

  • Everyday items like catalogues and your regular ‘junk’ mail can provide a visual learning tool for your toddler
  • Preparing food offers another way for toddlers to learn new things
  • Everyday tasks can be opportunities to learn by showing your toddler when you are dong and talking through it at the same time
  • Let them show you what they’re interested in
  • Showing your toddler that you’re interested in what they do can build their self-esteem and confidence


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