The Menstrual Cycle

Video: What Is The Menstrual Cycle?

What is the menstrual cycle and how does it work? This video provides information about what happens when you have your period

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What Is The Menstrual Cycle?

Viewing time: 4m 11s

What you’ll learn: 

  • Timings of the menstrual cycle
  • The ovaries release one egg per month (or cycle) resulting in either pregnancy or a period
  • Each month after puberty, the pituitary gland releases two substances into the blood stream
  • Once those substances reach the ovaries, the eggs are encouraged to grow and mature
  • The most mature egg bursts through the ovary wall, which is called ovulation, and happen 10-16 days before the period starts
  • The egg the moves along the fallopian tube, which is the 24 hour window of opportunity for it to be fertilised by a sperm cell
  • Another hormone is then released in preparation for a fertilised egg to grow, increasing blood and nutrients in the womb’s lining
  • If the egg is not embedded into the womb, the excess blood and tissue leave the body, which is the period, and can take up to a week to become clear
  • After the period has completed, the whole amazing process starts again with hormones circulating in the ideal amounts at the right time
  • Womens bodies are unique so ovulation can occur at different times in the month and some periods can last longer
  • Knowledge of the monthly cycle, and how it happens, can empower you

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