Changes in the third trimester

Video: Changes During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy can bring physical and emotional challenges. Other parents share their experiences of the final trimester in this video

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Changes During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Viewing time: 4m 21s


What you’ll learn: 

  • Physical changes such as indigestion, back pain and the need for more rest are common
  • The increase in size and baby weight can result in feeling more uncomfortable
  • The frequency of the medical check-ups will increase to ensure baby is healthy, that mum is healthy and if there are any signs of labour
  • A key part of this stage is to check on baby’s movements. If baby’s movements change or stop it’s important to seek help
  • The third trimester can be the ‘nesting’ phase and preparations (and excitement) for the arrival often begin


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