Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

Mealtimes with your toddler will be much easier after reading these tips. We cover fussy eaters, advice on timing and dinner strategy

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Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

For adults, eating is a legitimate hobby, from leisurely brunches to slap-up dinners out. For your toddler, less so. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid mealtime battles.

Here are our top 10 feeding tips for toddlers, which includes nutrition advice. They’ll help give your toddler a sense of control over what they eat, which means they’re more likely to tuck into their meals. They’ll also help you deal with fussy eaters and establish great eating habits.

To create happy and healthy little food lovers:

Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

1. Set the meal-time scene

  • Get rid of distractions – turn off the TV and other electronics, like phones
  • Eat together as a family
  • Eat the foods you want your toddler to eat – they’ll love to copy you


2. Time food to avoid toddler tiredness

  • Avoid snacks before meals – leave a 1-2-hour gap between snacks and meal times
  • Have lunch and dinner early so you’re not trying to feed a tired toddler
  • Offer plenty of food during the day, as your tired toddler may not eat well at night
Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

3. Fussy eater? Keep trying and keep calm

  • If your toddler refuses food, keep offering small amounts regularly until they try it
  • More praising your toddler for trying new foods, less bribing or nagging


4. Give your toddler control over what they eat

  • Offer your toddler simple choices, like an apple or banana, so they can choose what they want to eat
  • Take your toddler food shopping and let them stock the trolley with healthy food


5. Mix healthy food choices up

Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

6. Get the kids involved

  • Cook together, even if it’s just washing the veg, to make food and mealtimes fun
  • Trust them when they say they’re full and let them stop eating


7. Fill up on food, not fluids

  • Too much milk can fill your toddler’s tummy, keep it under 500ml a day
  • Try for lots of small drinks throughout the day
  • Ensure portion sizes are right for them


8. Have a feeding routine

  • Offer 3 healthy meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, around the same time
  • Stick to set meal and snack times, rather than all-day food picking
Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

9. Offer healthy options

  • Keep takeaways to a once a week treat
  • Teach your toddler that fatty and sugary treats, like lollies or cake, are enjoyable but occasional treats


10. Keep the kids safe at mealtimes

  • Always sit down to eat
  • Keep an eye on them while they eat
  • Avoid giving them small, hard food like nuts and popcorn which can cause choking
Top 10 Feeding Tips for Toddlers

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