What To Expect In Each Trimester Of Your Pregnancy

Video Series: What To Expect in Each Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Kiwi couples share their experience of each pregnancy trimester in these short, authentic videos. A must-watch to understand more about the road ahead!

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Three Kiwi couples share their experience of pregnancy with you in these short videos. You can learn a few things about what to expect during each trimester.

What to expect in your first trimester: 0-14 weeks

Viewing time: 3m 55s

What you will learn in this video:

  • We are introduced to Chrissie who is in her first trimester of pregnancy.
  • She explains that it was important for her to find a midwife early in pregnancy.
  • Scans and blood tests are offered throughout pregnancy, with the first scan at 12 weeks.
  • It is so important to look after yourself in this trimester (and always!), avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking and trying to eat healthily
  • Supplements recommended during this trimester are folic acid (helps prevent spine deformities in your baby) and iodine (supports baby brain development)

What to expect in your second trimester: 14-28 weeks

Viewing time: 3m 59s

What you will learn in this video:

  • Introduced to Rachel who is 26 weeks pregnant
  • At week 16 your baby starts to hear you and Rachel recommends reading to the baby from this point
  • A midwife’s role is to support mum and baby and strive for the best outcome for both
  • You can contact your midwife with any concerns during pregnancy
  • A scan is available at 20 weeks
  • A blood test at 28 weeks will check your general wellbeing and any signs or pregnancy-related diabetes.
  • You should still be taking iodine during the second trimester, but there is no longer a need for folic acid.
  • Rachel has felt more energetic and ‘well’ during her second trimester and urges you  to enjoy your pregnancy

What to expect in your third trimester: 28 weeks until birth

Viewing time: 4m 30s

What you will learn in this video:

  • Jane is 36 weeks pregnant and tells you about her recent diagnoses of gestational diabetes and how it has altered her birth plans
  • Jane has got her hospital bag ready and explains it’s important to be ready for birth
  • Her partner found the antenatal classes useful – they are full of expectant parents going through the same thing as you
  • Why not try breastfeeding classes during your third trimester?

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