Understand and adjust to baby cry

Video: Understanding and Adjusting to Your Baby’s Cries

Seven Kiwi families share their experiences with their crying newborn in this video. Watch and learn their tips 

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Video: Understanding and Adjusting to Your Baby’s Cries

This video was produced by the amazing team at S.K.I.P (Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents) and can be found on their Youtube channel. Their website is absolutely packed with heaps of info and resources for parents of under-fives. Check it out.


Viewing time: 7m 55s

What you will learn: 

  • Mum of a baby born with jaundiced found her child very quiet
  • Another mum tried everything with her baby but she just kept crying! She learned that although this is frustrating it’s normal and you just need to get on with things
  • Mums advise taking a break from baby if you can. Get some space or even take a time out in another room
  • You can feel overwhelmed with constant crying and that is ok!
  • In time, you’ll learn what the difference cries from your baby needs
  • She is trying to communicate with you!
  • Sometimes, crying may be colic so be sure to get that checked
  • Just keep going – this stage doesn’t last forever

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