When your baby cry's

Video: Understanding & Coping When Your Newborn Cries

Tired parents and crying babies is a stressful combination. New parents share their tips and techniques to help you cope and thrive with a crying newborn

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Video: Understanding & Coping When Your Newborn Cries

This video was produced by S.K.I.P. who have an amazing website, packed with resources, and an app, for parents of under 5’s. Make sure you check them out.


Viewing time: 7m 53s

What you’ll learn about babies crying: 

  • At first, the cry’s are about needing a change, needing to be fed, needing to sleep, or needing to be burped
  • Sometimes a baby just cries when you have tried everything, and it can get so frustrating
  • Taking them for a drive, pushing them around in the stroller, or just cuddle them can all work. But sometimes nothing works, and this is normal
  • As a parent of a crying baby, you can reach breaking point. Take some time away from the crying, take deep breaths, go back and try again
  • If all else fails then a trip to the doctor might be needed
  • After a few weeks you’ll get to know what the different cries mean
  • Being with baby can help you figure out what the cry’s mean. Sometimes they just need to be held


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