Whooping Cough

Video Series: What Is Whooping Cough and How to Prevent It

Learn all about whooping cough in these videos from the Ministry of Health, including how to prevent your baby from getting it

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Whooping cough – a mother’s story

Viewing time: 2m 27s

What you will learn:

  • Anna tells us that her daughter Mackenzie caught whooping cough when she was just 7 weeks old.
  • It started with a cough and got worse and worse until Mackenzie was struggling to breathe.
  • She was admitted to hospital for 10 days and spent time in isolation.
  • Anna believes she may have caught the disease from her father – whopping cough in adults presents as ‘just a cough’ but is serious in young babies
  • Her father had missed his booster and Anna warns against this for others.

A paediatrician explains whooping cough

Viewing time: 4m 38s

What you will learn:

  • Whooping cough is a horrible disease that can affect all ages but is especially dangerous for babies
  • It is hard to diagnose and spreads very quickly  – before the first person even knows they have it
  • Whooping cough can be prevented by immunisation and it is critical that you are immunised on time
  • Adults or older children who are in contact with babies should ensure they have their booster shots
  • Whooping cough starts with cold-like symptoms before a persistent cough develops
  • Babies are very vulnerable to the disease, and it can cause death

Whooping cough at 2 weeks old – a story from ICU

Viewing time: 2m 14s

What you will learn:

  • We meet a 2-month old baby who is still in intensive care after contracting whooping cough at just 2 weeks old.
  • She had to have a breathing tube inserted as her respiratory system couldn’t cope with the disease
  • Her parents have been so worried for six weeks

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