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Helping to improve the life of every Kiwi kid.

Hello, nice to see you here. We are mum+

A social enterprise working hard to help Kiwi mums.

Better Content, Better Decisions

Helping Kiwi mums make better informed decisions.

Mum+ was born from one simple idea, to help Kiwi mums make better informed decisions by providing better informed content & articles.

Trusted Pregnancy & Parenting Content

We decided the best way to do this is to work with leading New Zealand experts, organisations, & brands to identify, organise, and display their trusted insights and advice.

Personalised For You

The other thing we wanted to do was to make sure that all of the content was personalised for each mum based upon the stage of her pregnancy or age of her kids.  This happens once you register with mum+ and log-in, all content you then see is relevant and personalised for you.

Our Community

Our community are the beating heart of mum+

  • Kiwi mums, like you.
  • Kiwi experts, who are real experts.
  • Kiwi brands, who have expert content.
  • Kiwi organisations, who are expertly supporting mums with awesome information and essential services.

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