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Video: How Do Pregnancy Tests Actually Work?

Pregnancy tests offer a result of your pregnancy within a few minutes. This video shares some history and facts about pregnancy tests and how they work

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How Do Pregnancy Tests Actually Work?

Viewing time: 4m 33s

What you’ll learn: 

  • Pregnancy tests date as far back as 1350BC in ancient Egypt and they apparently had a 70% accuracy 😃
  • Each modern test performs a scientifically rigorous, multi-stage experiment within a few minutes
  • Pregnancy tests detect a specific hormone called HCG, which is produced in the early stages of pregnancy
  • HCG is responsible for ‘informing’ the body not to shed the inner lining of the uterus
  • The pregnancy test strip contains three zones and urine is absorbed into the strip passing each zone
  • The reaction, test and control zone perform a specific task and dye-activating enzymes either react or stay dormant
  • Pregnancy tests are fairly reliable but not full proof so they’re meant to be used as an indicator to see a doctor


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