Video: How to Communicate with Your Toddler to Help Them Learn

Video: How to Communicate with Your Toddler to Help Them Learn

This video shows how communicating with toddlers helps them learn and develop, by talking, asking questions and interacting

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Video: How to Communicate with Your Toddler to Help Them Learn

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What you will learn: 

  • Catalogues are a great source of words and pictures – you can point to a picture an ask if she knows what it is. If she does, praise her and tell her more about the item
  • Preparing a snack is a good learning opportunity, you can talk about the shape, size colour of the food as you prepare it
  • Talking together about what you are doing helps her understand what is happening around her and why things happen
  • Giving simple instructions helps her see what it is you want her to do.
  • When walking down the street, describe what you see.
  • If your toddler doesn’t understand, use different words
  • Talking a lot is the best way to learn language
  • Children LOVE the fact that everything is new to them and exploring the world is amazing to them
  • Everyday objects are new to toddlers so talk about their shape, colour and how they feel.
  • You can introduce new words everywhere you go and use action words and descriptive words.
  • The more words they hear, the more they will learn!

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