Parenting is learning as you go

Video: Parenting is Learning As You Go

There’s no greater learning experience than parenting! Families discuss what being a parent has taught them in this short video, and they offer advice and tips for you

Baby – Article by mum+

Parenting is Learning As You Go

This video is from the clever people across the ditch at the Raising Children Network 


Viewing time: 3m 26s

What you’ll learn: 

  • Parents share their learning experiences with us
  • Having a baby can help you grow and learn as much as your child does!
  • Learning to be patient is a key skill that can make you a better parent
  • The things you didn’t expect can have the most impact
  • Taking time to enjoy the moment can give the difficult times more perspective
  • Learning from and accepting ‘mistakes’ may help ease worry. Perfection is an illusion with parenting so embrace it!


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