The Importance Of Immunisation

Video Series: The Importance Of Immunisation

These revealing videos from the Ministry of Health give mums like you vital information about the benefits of immunising your baby

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Why immunise? A doctor explains

Viewing time: 3m 19s

What you will learn:

  • Dr Kirianna Bird is passionate about preventing diseases in children
  • You can immunise your baby against serious diseases for free
  • Choosing not to immunise your child  can endanger their life and puts your family in jeopardy
  • We hear from Alijah’s father – Alijah was 7 when he caught tetanus and spent 4 months in hospital.
  • Alijah’s family chose not to immunise after believing controversial stories but they regret that decision after almost losing their son.
  • New Zealand has had a whooping cough outbreak in just the last few year and babies under 1 are the most vulnerable
  • Immunisation protects all of the community – please consider immunising on time

Immunisation keeps your child safe

Viewing time: 30 seconds

What you will learn:

  • Parents like you will always worry about your children, no matter their age
  • Diseases such as measles are dangerous but can be prevented
  • You can help protect your child by choosing to immunise, on time

How does immunisation work?

Viewing time: 5m 2s

What you will learn:

  • Your immune system fights off germs by producing antibodies when it first meets a new germ.
  • Immunisation gives your body a chance to produce antibodies for serious by diseases like measles exposing you to a much weakened strain of the germ
  • You may get a fever and this is normal
  • Diseases can spread quickly if not enough people are immunised and outbreaks in New Zealand are common
  • Choosing to immunise protects you, your family and the community
  • All NZ vaccines have been thoroughly tested and continue to be monitored for safety and efficacy
  • The benefits far outweigh any risks.

Better health outcomes for New Zealanders

The Ministry of Health leads our health and disability system

The Ministry of Health has responsibility for the management and development of healthcare in New Zealand. They provide heaps of useful information for you and your family and you can find out more here.
You can check out more information about the importance of protecting your children from disease on their website.

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