how to care for your skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding

How to Care for Your Skin During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Taking care of your skin during pregnancy and when you’re breastfeeding is so important. With nearly 100 years experience in natural and organic skincare, Weleda explain the particular benefits of natural products during these times

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding will not just change your life but will also change your body’s requirements. Your skin and breasts, in particular, will be subjected to great stress over an extended period. This means you need to take extra care of these areas especially and to also be very mindful that what goes on you, goes in you, so choose your skincare carefully.

Skin changes during pregnancy

Caring for your skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding, naturally

During this very exciting time in your life, we want you to be well, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Natural products, for health and vitality tailored to individual needs, is the philosophy behind Weleda’s natural skin care. Since the company’s beginning nearly 100 years ago, Weleda has worked to strengthen the balance of body, mind and spirit with its products.

Why we need to take care of our skin

Our skin is not just our largest sensory organ, it’s the page on which our life story is written. Through skin we feel and perceive the world outside, and we also show our beauty in the way our skin appears. Outward appearance reflects each individual’s age, life energy, emotional balance and mental health. Intense stimulation, stress, nervousness or hormonal fluctuations result in our skin becoming sensitive as the whole organism loses its natural balance.

It’s the purpose of Weleda’s natural skincare to promote general well-being. For you to remain fit and healthy it’s vital that you feel, quite literally, good in your skin. Skincare products should strengthen your skin’s own strengths and abilities, not replace them or mask weaknesses.

Our understanding of the harmonious connection between mankind and nature makes Weleda’s care products unique. When you use a Weleda product you can see, smell and feel this for yourself. Our natural ingredients give targeted support to your body’s own natural processes, boosting internal balance. They enhance your body’s ability to nurture and heal, to help itself.

By selectively supporting self-healing and regeneration the defences are strengthened and the disturbed equilibrium is brought into balance. So, we promote the vitality of the skin, rather than simply replacing what it lacks.

Weleda care for skin naturally while pregnant and breastfeeding


During pregnancy your body needs extra tender care, so you can feel well and enjoy what nature is doing. To help prevent stretch marks, maintain your skin´s moisture and visibly increase skin elasticity and smoothness, we recommend you use a certified natural plant-oil based product, specifically developed to help reduce stretch marks.

Natural plant oils have similar lipid profiles to your natural skin, so are easily absorbed and actually care for your skin, as opposed to just leaving a layer of oil on top of your skin. Products containing sweet almond oil, vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil, and rose oil are ideal.

Perineum care

It’s a day you’re looking forward to, but Mums would rather be without tears and cuts in their sensitive skin. From 34 weeks you can prepare your perineum, with regular massage using a natural plant-oil based product, to enhance flexibility in the skin of the birth area, helping to protect against tears and cuts during childbirth.

Natural plant oils have similar lipid profiles to your natural skin, so are easily absorbed and actually care for your skin, as opposed to just leaving a layer of oil on top of your skin. Products containing sweet almond oil, vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil are ideal oils for preparing the perineum.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When It Comes to Taking Care of Your Skin

We have over 100 years experience when it comes to organic skincare

Weleda skincare products are 100% certified natural and organic, so you can enjoying peace of mind knowing your skin is being protected and effectively cared for, with all the goodness of nature.

Weleda is UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) certified, so you can also trust we source our ingredients with respect, acting ethically and sustainably.

We have a wide range of all-natural skin, body care and medicinal products suitable for baby, children, mums-to-be, mums, dads and family. Visit us here

Nipple care

Every time you breastfeed you give your baby love, warmth and security. At a time of cosy togetherness, the two of you strengthen close bonds and your baby gets all the nutrition needed for healthy development, completely naturally. Enjoy this precious time!

But sore, crackled nipples can make the experience very unpleasant. Look for a lightly textured, rich nourishing moisturiser designed for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding to help tone nipples in preparation for breastfeeding, maintain healthy nipples and provide soothing relief for tender and cracked nipples that can occur as a result of breastfeeding.


Organic teas formulated for use during breastfeeding can help support healthy lactation, by balancing your fluid intake to support natural milk production. Enjoy peaceful and relaxing feeding times with your baby

Look for teas containing fenugreek, anise, fennel, caraway and lemon verbena and that are ideally organic. After all, it is not just you drinking it, baby also absorbs the ingredients through breast milk.

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